About Us

Our Story

We always wanted to have a way to share our beauty tips for great skin care and our woes on how we overcame many obstacles applying so many different beauty skin care products to the test that did not stand up to our standards of natural skin care.


Over the years of trying almost every product under the sun, our cabinets started to look like drug store shelf, as we know many women can relate. Over time we tried so many different brands, and having sensitive skin that easy breaks out, trying to find a solution was clearly evident that not all ingredients in skin care products are created equal.


We were not happy with the results we were getting. After so much research, we were determined not to quit or give up on finding a skincare regimen that would not just give us the fountain of youth in our skin and clean our pores but skin care that is free from all the harsh chemicals.




100% Organic & Vegan

Anja Anniken Organic skincare has taken the guess work out, with vegan beauty hydrating facial cleaners that smooth away the day and relaxes the skin or rejuvenates your skin ready to take on the day to hydrating body soaps, and conditioning hair care products to creams and lotions that love to leave moisture where ever it is applied. Our products are handmade and crafted from all-natural ingredients. 


Our customers love the way our skincare gives them a youthful hydrated look and feel because we use all vegan natural ingredient that's more expensive than alternatives but so much more worth it for a healthier & more natural appearance. Get the glow you have always wanted with all organic skincare. 


Vitamins For Natural Beauty

Made with herbs and vitamins that enhance the skins elasticity and replenishes all the natural oils our skin needs to glow and the essential vitamins your skin needs to flourish, we found the fountain of youth in a bottle. Hydration is a very important step of the day to ensure you are protecting your skins layer from the sun and outdoor elements, while giving your skin what it needs to proactively stay hydrated. 





Every Woman

That is when we founded Anja Anniken Organic SkinCare, a beauty skincare line that is all vegan for all skin types, made with the best of earth ingredients in herbals and vitamins. Our skin is our largest organ on our body so why not treat with the delicacies that it deserves. We were on to something.


Organic skin for all skin types, created by women who know what they want from a daily skincare routine. Organic ingredients with organic results, free from chemicals that dry your skin out , leaving you wondering what to try next.




 Stay Young

Anti-aging serums, antiaging cleaners and toners that give back years of youth with every use. Skin boosting oils that give you a pick me any time of the day and hydrating skin oils that do not over compensate for dry skin, but work in sync and balanced the natural skins oils to leave your face and body feeling supple, soft and refreshed. 



Our Mission 

As animal lovers, we never test on animals, cruelty is not our friend! We use natural raw ingredients that don't rely on animals. Our goal is to create hypoallergenic and cruelty-free skincare products are designed to moisturize and cleanse your skin without compromising your health. Our mission in our brand is to provide our customers with 100% organic farmed zero cruelty truly vegan products. Products are made in Europe, never outsourced to China.